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TV Recap: Heroes - Exposed

I discovered a few things tonight. First, Hayden Panetierre is a horrible actress. Second, she’s really not all that attractive. Third, Sylar is the best thing on this show. Third, Mama Bennett may actually be as much of a badass as her husband; I can see why he married the woman. Finally, I have learned that using a Macbook for years makes you forget the danger of viruses and that it’s not the greatest idea to trust software from those free sites.

Sylar and Kid Microwave are still on the road to find Sylar’s father. Kid Microwave keeps pulling the typical teenage “Parents suck, why do you want to find your father, let’s just go kill some people!” bullshit (okay, maybe the killing part isn’t exactly typical) until Sylar telepathically slams his face into the window and tells him to shut the hell up. I can’t be the only person who cheered at this point, can I?

Sylar notices an abandoned diner that seems familiar, so they break in and look around. Sylar’s certain that something happened here, so he uses the powers that he picked up from the girl that Angela “fed” him earlier this season/last volume.

By the way, note to Tim Kring and his crew: that stuff is getting really confusing. Get Brian Fuller to fix that, would you?

Anyway, he uses those powers that allow him to see the past of an item and sees the day that his real father sold him to his uncle/father. Anklebiter Sylar runs after his father outside and sees his parents arguing, presumably over selling Sylar. Daddy Gray uses Sylar’s patented-until-now telepathic forehead-slash to kill his mother, tosses her out of the car, and speeds away.

When Sylar comes back to himself, he tells Kid Microwave that he needs to call his mom because he can’t roll with Sylar. Sylar gets this evil glint in his eye and says that he’s going to find his father. I think Sylar’s pissed, y’all.

Matt is still painting the scenes of DC blowing up. Peter finally snaps him out of it and tells him that he’s been painting for hours, probably trying to figure out what’s going on, but he’s just been painting the same things over and over. Right about then, there’s a message from “Rebel”on their computer telling them where Daphne is and that they need to get out now because they’ve been found. Peter’s suspicious that this may be a trap, but they hear the agents coming and make a run for it.

Matt must have convinced Peter to trust “Rebel” in between scenes, because we next see them outside of Building 26 about to break in. The original plan was for Matt to use his Jedi mind tricks to cloud everyone’s minds and Peter to fly everyone out once they found Daphne, but Matt realizes that he probably can’t control an entire building full of people, so Peter borrows his powers to help. Their combined Jedi mind tricks are more than enough to get them into the building and control guards to keep The Hunter, Nathan, and HRG in their command center to helplessly watch on their cameras while Matt and Peter have the run of the place. Unfortunately, they only make it to a computer center before HRG realizes that hitting the fire alarm will make it hard for Matt and Peter to focus enough to control everyone. Luckily, they’re able to find videos and documentation of what Nathan’s doing. They copy the information in the hopes that they can use it for leverage and “Rebel” shuts down the electricity to give them a chance to escape. Everyone runs into each other in the hallways and Matt tells Peter to escape with the information while he holds everyone off. Peter escapes, but Matt is captured as soon as the fire alarm kicks back in.

Nathan is meeting with Angela to ask her if she has anything to do with “Rebel” – she denies it and says that she knows who’s keeping her out of the Hunter’s grasp – when Peter calls to arrange a trade, the information he stole for Matt and Daphne, but warns that the information will go to all the major media outlets if anything happens to any of them. Nathan agrees and tries to set up Matt and Daphne’s release, but The Hunter defies him and sets up his own plan to catch Peter.

HRG acts as the bait while The Hunter hides with a sniper rifle. When HRG shows up and starts mentally scanning for Matt and Daphne, HRG projects his thoughts to Peter in order to warn him, but it’s almost too late. The Hunter gets off his shot and hits Peter in the shoulder.

Peter falls off the side of the parking garage. When HRG and The Hunter run over to check, someone flies up and away. My first thought was that somehow Peter has started being able to keep more than one ability again, but the next scene reveals that Nathan caught Peter while he fell and flew them both away. He tries to talk Peter into turning himself in, but Peter just borrows his powers and flies away.

Claire is just about to get Aqualad out of her closet and off to another life when her mom catches on to what’s been going on. At first she’s pissed at Claire for hiding things just like her father, but then decides to show that she can be tough and resourceful, too. In a plan that was much more impressive in its simplicity and actual execution than the details (in other words, you kinda had to see them pull it off to really appreciate it), she confiscates Claire’s brother’s drivers license, turns it into a fake ID for Aqualad and then runs decoy to distract the federal agents staking out the house while Claire and Aqualad escape out the back.

It doesn’t sound nearly as cool when I describe it, but trust me – Mrs. B. was impressive.

Also, I fully realized tonight that Hayden Panetierre is really not a good actress at all. She’s also not nearly as attractive as some of y’all make her out to be. Hate me if you must, but that’s my position and I’m sticking to it.

Later, when Claire goes to receive the popcorn that she had been popping from the microwave, it’s gone. The Puppetmaster walks up behind her and says that he got a message from someone. He holds up his phone and shows her a text from “Rebel” saying “Claire Bennett will save you.” He gives her a forlorn look and says “Save me Blondie.”