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TV Recap: Heroes - Four Months Later

Last season when we left our Heroes, Syler escaped into the sewer (or was dragged there), Molly was safe and the good guys watched Nathan fly Peter into outer space in order to save the world. Now its 4 months later and, well, there is a new threat in town. To the best of my understanding it is some kind of evil monster voice plague that threatens the existence of all the heroes. It is a new development and most of our DNA challenged friends don’t know that it exists. I’m sure they will rise to the occasion when the time comes, but for right now most of our heroes are... well, just trying to live life as normal as possible (for them).

First off we have Suresh and Matt whom are currently surrogate parents to Molly, Its kind of like a My Two Dads meets X-men, except that one dad is an East Indian scholar involved in a plot with Mr. Bennet to take down the evil Primatech Paper Company and the other Dad is a psychic detective and they don’t wear costumes. And besides Molly’s creepy nightmares and her drawings of bloody eyes and the “s” shaped helix figure, all is well. I could definitely see their situation as a half-hour comedy.

The thing is Molly knows what the threat is, but she is too scared to tell Matt (and Suresh is out of town… you might need two Dads for this situation). I know Molly is scared that Matt might get killed if he tries to confront the evil voice in her head, but doesn’t she know it is essential for the greater good if she just lets the scary cat out of the bag? Maybe he should bribe her with a new Webkin or something.

While Suresh and Matt are making the best of their domestic partnership the Bennets are trying to make the most of their new life in California. Poor Claire has to try and down play her intellectual genius, winning smile, stellar personality and rejuvenation abilities and behave like an ordinary teenager. How will she ever pull through? Don’t worry there is a potential love interest named West, a boy who can fly, who seems to have taken a liking to Claire. Isn’t it funny how girls always go for guys like their fathers?

While Claire is dealing with teen angst Hiro is in 17th century Japan trying to get Takezo Kensei to fulfill his destiny. Did I mention that Kensei was a drunken English hit man and not a noble warrior? Yeah, I know, poor Hiro. It’s a sad state of affairs when you find out your childhood hero is a loser (it took me a long time to get over the O.J. thing). I ask myself, what has this plot line got to do with anything? I guess Hiro is still on his quest for… I’m not even sure what his quest is for… I know it’s not to save the cheerleader… and they already saved the world from the exploding Petrelli… and I don’t think he knows about the bloody eyes or the evil helix monster plague thing… hmmm. Well, at least it adds some comic relief. I’m sure somewhere down the road his journey into the past will have some kind of significance.

While Hiro is messing up the past, his father, Mr. Nakamura goes “splat!” off of a NYC high rise. Well, he was pushed… carried?..thrown? by some unknown hooded figure that he seemed to recognize. In any event, it seems that he was once part of an evil group that killed people. And if they put the “s” shaped helix in red lipstick over an image of your face ripped from a picture you only have 24 hours to live. At least they give you notice… and yeah, Angie Petrelli got one too. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if she got the axe, she really is an evil b…lady. I had no idea that Mr. Nakamura and Mrs. Petrelli went way back like this. I am definitely curious to this secret group that they belonged too. I have a feeling it might have something to do with the Mr. Bennet’s former employers.

While his mother is scared for her life, Nathan, who has obviously survived Peter’s radioactive explosion in space, is growing his beard and drinking a lot. I think he is just bummed out because his brother might be dead, but no worries, Peter is alive! A bunch of Irish guys find him in a trailer on a rainy night in Ireland, he’s had a haircut, he still has powers, but he doesn’t know who he is or how he got there and he is wearing a necklace with that weird “s” shaped helix. I don’t think any of this is a coincidence. Ya’ know, that the Irish guys found him... its all fitting together, Hiro's English fake-hero drinks, Nathan drinks, and Irish guys are often known to drink…or maybe it’s the “s” shaped helix that is linking everyone together… no, that would be way too obvious.

Now that we know that half the cast is going to rehab, getting murdered, or defying the Bush administration and creating same sex families there are two more new characters that have graced us with their mutated genes. Alejandro and Maya, a brother and sister team from the Dominican republic are on the run and trying to make their way to the U.S. so they can take care of Maya’s little problem. Not too sure what her special ability is but it is not a good one. Just ask the truck load of dead people who were bleeding from their eyes. That is why you don’t pick up hitch hikers.

The season premier was everything that I expected. All the good guys are back, there is a new evil presence that threatens the demise of the world, and there are some new characters, my favorite, that guy who can turn things into gold (Yeah, over here buddy. I have student loans to pay off!).

Hopefully in the next few episodes they answer some pretty big questions. Like, how Peter and Nathan survived the explosion? I know Peter probably absorbed Claire’s rejuvenation ability, but what about Nathan? Second, what do this evil secret society and the creepy hooded figure person have to do with anything? These questions must be answered!

I know that next week Micah and Nikki are back (hopefully Jessica is on holiday because she scares me a little.) and if my eyes weren’t mistaken I think I grabbed a glimpse of Sylar (this guy just won’t die and it’s driving me crazy). In any event I’m pretty sure there are still more new characters and probably some more plot twists for next week.