TV Recap: Jericho - Patriots and Tyrants

Previously: Bonnie’s dead, Goetz is dead, Hawkins loses the bomb, making him metaphorically dead.

Jake and Hawkins are gathering the weaponry for their trip to Cheyenne, despite the fact that they have no idea how they’re going to find the bomb before it blows half the country up—again. Meanwhile, Beck is teleconferencing with a very pissed-off Army dude who wants to move the Jericho insurrection status up to phase 3. I have no idea what that means, but it’s the series finale, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, so I can only assume that it means explosions, and lots of them.

Just when I was thinking that we’d never see Grey again, he turns up at the delegate convention in Cheyenne. You know who else turns up there, specifically in Grey’s hotel room? Well it’s Jake and Hawkins, of course. We get a view from the hotel room of J&R’s “private country.” It’s pretty scary. There’s a huge monolithic J&R building in the foreground, with a country under construction in the back.

Back in Jericho, we find out what phase 3 means. Basically, Beck’s men are going to start shooting people. That’s pretty much the entirety of phase 3. Russell from New Bern has apparently shacked up with the gang and is trying to convince them to bring Constantino in to help, as New Bern had phase 3 declared on its ass a few weeks ago. Most everybody is against the idea, but Eric doesn’t seem to be able to see another way. Stanley basically says, “screw you guys, I’m going to bury my sister.”

So Heather’s jig appears to be up: Beck has figured out that she stole that page that would have found the bomb. Beck seems personally betrayed, and I’m just wondering when they’re going to start making out. For some reason though, Beck decides to arrest her instead.

Hawkins is people who know people, so he naturally has a contact in Cheyenne. This guy is so freaking annoying though. He’s made some sort of choice to read all of his lines in a monotone through pursed lips and raised eyebrows. They’ve figured out that J&R is using a hospital as a cover to transport the bomb, so they go to infiltrate it. Eyebrows doesn’t want to let Jake play though, so he ends up as the getaway driver.

Hawkins and Eyebrows manage to take out most of the fake ambulance drivers, but one that they left standing grabs a gun, kills Eyebrows (we barely knew ye!) and shoots Hawkins in the stomach. The gunman? Hawkins’ former informant, “John Smith.” Smith is about to finish Hawkins off, but Jake rushes ion and shoots him in the shoulder. Smith runs off, never to be seen again, and Jake and Hawkins steal the ambulance.

The big meet between Eric and Constantino takes place in a field somewhere. Constantino lays out the plan: basically to kill all of the soldiers— he says it can take years, but we’ve only got like, 20 minutes or so left, so I hope he can find a way to condense the plan.

Speaking of plans, Hawkins’ plan is to go to the Texas Embassy, seeking political asylum. It doesn’t seem to be working, and adding to their problems, the Cheyenne military comes to the gates looking for the terrorists. Luckily, a man my boyfriend honestly thinks is Dr. Phil, but is actually some random actor dude, comes out and tells them that he has been instructed to grant them asylum.

Some EMT lady stitches Hawkins up, but there’s not much she can do there. She wants to get him to New York, but he refuses. Hawkins is of course more worried about getting the bomb to Texas. Dr. Phil gives them a car with diplomatic plates and a plane, which Jake is apparently going to fly. Hawkins doesn’t want to go; he wants to stay and provide a diversion to allow Jake to get away safely. However, in his weakened state, Jake is able to physically drag him onto the plane.

Back at the farm, Stanley and Mimi are digging Bonnie’s grave. Eric comes back and tells everybody there that he didn’t agree to Constantino’s plan. Just then, the gang sees a Hum Vee of doom coming their way. It’s Beck’s men, there to arrest Stanley. Luckily they have the good grace to allow him to finish burying his sister.

More Hum Vees of doom show up, and it turns out to be Beck himself. Beck displays the soft side we always knew he had and says simply, “you all are free to go.” Good thing Eric didn’t follow Constantino’s plan, because that would have been awkward. Beck explains that he is no longer taking orders from Cheyenne’s corrupt government.

Jake and Hawkins are heading to San Antonio, when some menacing F-15s threaten to put them down. Jake doesn’t turn around, so they get ready to fire. Just then, some bad-ass Texas F-16s shoot down Cheyenne’s planes. One of the Texas pilots tells Jake that they’re tasked with getting him to Lackland AFB safely. He then says, “I don’t know what you’re carrying, but whatever it is, it better be good. ‘Cause I think I just declared war on Cheyenne.” HA

The gang has a small sunset service for Bonnie. Everybody leaves and Mimi and Stanley have a sweet/cheesy scene where she tells him how much he means to her—and they start fiercely making out.

Speaking of fiercely making out, Heather has been released, so she goes and visits Beck. He tells her she was right about everything and thanks her for not giving up on him. The soldiers come in and instead of arresting Beck, they tear off their Army patches and await his orders. He tells them to alert their men that there’s a fight on its way. But there’s no loving between Beck and Heather! I don’t understand this at all.

Grey returns to Jericho and sees how the place basically went to hell during his absence. He’s sitting forlornly on Main Street, when the gang comes ambling along. Grey has raised Johnston’s “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. It’s a nice touch.

At Lackland, a half-dead Hawkins is immediately put on a stretcher. Chavez is there, and he tells Jake that thanks to them, the good guys are going to have a fighting chance, since Cheyenne’s corruption will be exposed.

In the ambulance, Hawkins tells Jake what we’ve been thinking the whole season: His quasi-mullet looks like crap. Okay, so he didn’t actually say anything about the mullet, but I think we all know what he meant.

Hawkins asks Jake how it feels making history, and we cut to black. Um…nuts?

So that’s it, Jericho is over. While its time is finished on CBS, there’s still some talk of it possibly moving to cable. What do you think? Would that work? Should Jericho just go away, or maybe never have come back in the first place? Or is CBS mad for letting it go again?