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TV Recap: Kid Nation The Root Of All Evil

Money, everyone wants some and some people will do anything to get it. Sometimes the thought of money or the lack of it can make people do some very bad things. Enron anyone! This week on Kid Nation our little pioneers were put to the test to see if money could become a threat to their creation of the perfect society.

The first monetary issue this week was when the new council members received a map showing them the location of a treasure chest which held over 300 hundred buffalo nickels. Awesome! That’s a lot of money to be had in Bonanza City. But of course they couldn’t keep it for themselves, even though in the real world some adults in leadership positions might not have been so humble to do so. If they couldn’t keep it thay had to decide what to do with it. Our four wise and fearless leaders decided to take the money and buy things that the whole community would enjoy. The kids were happy and the council got applause for a job well dome.

The niceties were soon over when greed grabbed a hold of a couple of the kids. The trouble started when Divad decided to create a little business called the Snack Shack where she took food from the pantry and made snacks and sold them. This didn’t go over too well with some of the gang. Some of the kids thought that it was unfair that she was taking free food, selling it and making money while not doing regular work. Valid points! Then there were some kids, namely Jared, who were just jealous that she came up with the concept first.

Things took a turn for the worse when, in a jealous rage, Jared took it upon himself to sabotage Divad’s Snack Shack by throwing her food on the ground and overturning her snack table. I was a little shocked that my favorite little geek got that carried away with greed. But at least he didn’t hire an assassin to knock her off or anything.

Even though Jared did a bad thing, Divad forgave him and just put her little business back together. Jared felt bad and then went on to have the most successful business in Bonanza by creating necklaces. Isn’t that nice! In the real world he would have been in jail, but in Bonanza as long as you say you are sorry it’s all good.

Regardless of the recent cash flow that has been the buzz in Bonanza City; the thought of money dances around everyone’s mind on a weekly basis. Everyone wants the Gold Star. I know I would. This week there were three hopefuls, Pharoah, Divad and Nathan. The council had a big decision to make, were they going to pick the poor kid who began to work hard only after he knew about the gold star, the little entrepreneur who was trying to buy the love of the town with treats, or the hard working home schooled outsider who didn’t care either way.

You got it! They picked Nathan. I was so happy. Nathan really deserved the gold star especially after all the flack he has taken form Greg… who ironically nominated him. In any event, Pharoah might get it later, but just like Greg, he has to prove himself. Divad on the other hand has to start doing some real work and well has to stop being… um what is the word… so… hmmm not sure…Oh! I got it! obvious.

Now that the kids have dealt with laws, religion, politics, the environment and now money… what other worldly topics can they be faced with now? Well according to next week’s promo the kids will be dealing with… Boredom! I was thinking something along the lines of racism, health care reform, gay marriage or the war on terror, but I gather boredom will have to do.