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TV Recap: Las Vegas – Three Weddings and a Funeral

Mike and Piper are officially married. It’s all good, except when Mike’s parents find out, so he lies and says they’re not married yet, but getting married…on Saturday. Piper’s like, whoa! Excuse me, we can’t plan a wedding in two days! But somehow they do.

Danny decides maybe he and Delinda should get married, too. So they tag onto Mike and Piper’s plans and decide to do the whole shebang at once. Delinda’s mom, Jillian, shows up for the wedding and tells a stunned Delinda that she and her dad split up. He’s off doing CIA stuff with his buddies in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The third wedding in the title is…you ready? Sam and Vic Manning. He’s the brother of Casey, the Dean Cain character who owned the Montecito at one point and whom Sam fell in love with. But Vic’s always been in love with Sam, so when Casey died, Vic told Sam he loved her. She agrees to marry him, because, as she tells Delinda, “I’m still in love with Casey, and whenever I look at Vic, I see him.” Seems like a good enough reason to me.

The casino caper this week involves a the auction of a high-priced stamp collection. In short, the bad guys pay some female streakers to create a diversion so they can take over the surveillance room, holding Mitch and Piper hostage. Danny and Mike work on the outside to catch the criminals, but it all goes oh so wrong when Danny comes crashing through the ceiling from the ventilation ducts, where he’s been keeping an eye on the surveillance room. Still, he and Mike manage to put things right and nab the bad guys all neat and tidy.

Delinda and Cooper have a quiet dinner together in the restaurant. Half the staff is sick, so Cooper provides other accommodations for the guests, leaving the entire restaurant to him and Delinda. He broils steaks and they have a little heart to heart. He reveals that he was married at one time, but isn’t anymore. And that A.J. stands for nothing. His dad and grandfather also had initial-names, so it’s a family tradition.

Later, Vic approaches Cooper about buying back the casino. Casey’s will – he left his billion-dollar estate to Vic – supersedes Cooper’s purchase of the casino. But Coop won’t accept the $385 million check Vic starts to write out. “Take it up with the IRS,” he tells Vic.

Coop agrees to give Piper away at the wedding. Says he has to go away on business, but he’ll be back in time for the wedding. As the couples prepare to wed, they’re shocked by the news that the Montecito jet crashed on its way to the airport. The pilot’s in a coma, but all the passengers are dead. The wedding turns into a memorial service for Cooper, but – yeah, I saw this coming – he walks into the service and stuns everyone with his presence. Could there have been foul play with the plane? And is Vic behind it?

But more important, will Danny and Delinda’s baby be ok? After seeing Cooper, she has a seizure of sorts and starts bleeding profusely. Ack! Great ep all the way around, although I wish Delinda would have asked Cooper more pressing questions than what his initials stand for! Yeah, she did ask about the gun he keeps in his suite, but don’t you think she could have asked WHY it’s there?!