TV Recap: Life - Evil...And His Brother Ziggy

I was expecting some kind of big reveal or something this week on Life since the last time we saw Charlie he was being kidnapped. Instead, the guy turned out to be relatively nice. He didn’t even have anything to do with the murder Charlie and Reese were investigating.

There was one lone sheriff deputy living on a Native American reservation. All the others had cleared out when the reservation got their own police but not Hawes. He stayed even though he was the most hated man on the reservation. He had a lot of enemies so Crews and Reese have their work cut out for them. The first on the list is a guy who is building a casino on the reservation. He’s also quite racist towards the “white man.” He seems like the perfect suspect but he has an alibi. He was with his lovely fiancée, Anna, and her father. But he sure does seem perfect.

Though he has an alibi, Crews and Reese just can’t move on from him. Especially once they see his fiancé laying flowers at Hawes’ grave. What’s that about? When they question her and her father, Crews and Reese learn that Hawes was like a father to her. He taught her how to fish, to hunt, to do everything. There wasn’t anything sexual or wrong between them, she simply trusted him. If she’s so broken up about Hawes, surely she wouldn’t wrongfully alibi his killer?

Crews and Reese only have one other lead. Evil. No, wait, it’s a person so Eval. Eval isn’t Native American so he doesn’t live on the reservation. Not such a bad thing for Crews and Reese since they had their car stolen and were threatened while they were on the reservation. When they talk to Eval, they learn he was building the casino with Anna’s fiancé. But there was a voicemail that talked about Eval and guns so Crews and Reese get a warrant and end up finding a ton of guns in Eval’s garage. Granted, they’re old musketeers and he claims they’re for the casino. You know, to make it seem authentic. Only he also plans to make them real and then sell them. Huh. Nice guy that Eval. But he does have an alibi so he’s off for the murder.

Back to the reservation for Crews and Reese. This time, after Hawes’ ghost has appeared to Crews (weird, I know), they search Hawes’ home again. They find a birth certificate from Texas from the year 1982, which would be Anna’s age, so they go back to the girl’s house for answers. They’re not looking for answers from Anna, though, because she didn’t know that birth certificate would affect her so much. They’re looking for the guy who knew the truth, her father.

The truth was she’s not Native American, which means she wouldn’t have been able to live on the reservation. When Hawes went looking for Anna’s mother, who supposedly left, he discovered this fact. Anna’s father didn’t want to lose the money he would get from the casino so he never told her she wasn’t Native American. He shot Hawes to keep his secret. Now, this isn’t one of those shows that leaves you with questions normally. However, in this episode I have no idea if Anna’s father was really her father? Was she kidnapped? I don’t know. I guess it doesn’t matter, just strange. Anyways, the father is going to jail.

There was one good thing that happened this episode. Tidwell and Reese are completely together. And yes, I mean in the biblical sense. Oh. And she cut his hair so I guess that’s two things.