Who knew there are support groups for lottery winners? And who would have thought to pose as a lottery winner to get close to other lottery winners? Could be the ultimate con. Good thing that the people over at Life are would be criminal geniuses. No, seriously, it makes for some entertaining and unpredictable T.V. entertainment.

Poor little lottery winners. Seems that the only reason people speak to them now is to get loans or mooch off of them in some way. In order to meet other people on their level, they form a support group. It’s the only way for them to know that their friends are actually their friends. Except in this particular lottery group, where one young woman was found stabbed to death. Was it to get her money or could it be because she was sleeping with three guys in the group? Hmmm. It’s always the easy answer.

This one was especially easy to answer since it turns out the woman never won the lottery. Oh yeah, she was a big old con artist. Crews and Reese didn’t have to do much digging to figure that out. I mean, why would an attractive woman hook up with three guys, two of which are losers minus their lottery money, other than for money. Exactly. When they get the fingerprints back, Crews and Reese learn that the sweet and unassuming Hannah is actually conniving Leanne, a girl from Georgia who has been in and out of jail for fraud. Looking around her apartment, it’s pretty obvious she wasn’t working alone, either. I mean, those aren’t her giant cowboy boots.

Too bad the girl went and got herself killed or she could have helped Crews and Reese find her boyfriend. As it happened, the only way they found any kind of info on him is by calling a number for a bank they found in the girl’s apartment. Only, when Crews asked where the bank was located, the person hung up. They didn’t have to travel too far to find that other person, though. When the call was traced, it led to an apartment only two floors down from the dead girl’s.

Unfortunately, the lovely couple downstairs couldn’t identify the boyfriend any better than Crews and Reese can. The only thing they know is the dead girl paid them to answer a specific phone line as the bank. Great. They’re so helpful. And on top of that, they’re found dead after Crews and Reese leave, stabbed with the same knife that killed the girl. Back to square one. Back to the lottery group.

Leanne was sleeping with three of the guys. One guy, though, stood out. One guy’s name she had tattooed on herself. This guy was also the only guy to hire a bodyguard after she was killed. One day after, to be exact. Kinda fishy, right? Another of the guys, who was quite obsessed with this girl, knew about the tattoo and that she was a con artist but he truly did love her so he’s cleared. Not to mention that he has about forty alibis for that night. He did, however, know that the new tattoo covered up an old one bearing the name Lenny.

Maybe Lenny wasn’t so happy about being covered up. But where is that sneaky little Lenny. You get two guesses. Come on, Crews only needed one. See, that bodyguard that Ben, the lottery tattoo guy, hired was more than a little fishy. Even though he said everyone hired one after Leanne, he’s really the only one that did. And that bodyguard never really looks out for Ben. All he does is stand around and stare at Ben, only the danger he should be protecting him from is everywhere else. Getting stranger, right. Now take a guess.

Yup. Guess Lenny, a.k.a. the bodyguard, didn’t really like being dumped for a target. He flips out and kills Leanne then realizes he lost his only meal ticket. He decides it would be a brilliant idea to blackmail Ben into giving him all of his lottery winnings. How does he blackmail him? He says he killed Leanne with a knife from Ben’s kitchen so his fingerprints are all over it. No one will believe that he didn’t kill her once they figure out it was all a con. Good thing Crews is a genius. Lenny goes to jail and Ben gets his money back.

What’s that? You want to know where Reese was this whole episode? Why, she’s fading into pretty girl detective oblivion. Sad but true. Seems the only time we see her now is when she’s sparring or kissing Tidwell (who scored a date with her by the end of the episode). Hey, genius writers, give us back that kick-ass chic from season one.

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