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TV Recap: Lipstick Jungle – Dressed to Kill

Victory discovers that her designs were stolen by former assistant Reese, who swears she stole them to aid her in getting a job with another designer. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Turns out she actually stole them to sell to the designer. All of this comes out in a big catfight between Reese and Victory at a posh party thrown by Nico. Meow. But all is not lost, because later, Victory gets a visit from a venture capitalist who wants to invest in her business.

Turns out Wendy’s hubby, Shane, is pretty good on jazz piano, as he displays in an impromptu session at a club while out with the girls one night. What I want to know is whether Paul Blackthorne can really play the piano, because he looks like he’s playing. Three minutes of research revealed nothing, so let me know if anyone knows the answer to this.

Anyway, Wendy finds a demo Shane did and decides to pitch it to filmmaker David Hernandez, with the idea that Shane will be the composer on his next movie. Shane finds out, and he’s none too happy, even though Wendy pitched him under an assumed name (her high school chemistry teacher, whom she had a crush on). The idea is that Shane wouldn’t get the job because he’s her husband – except Hernandez finds out he IS her husband and ends up giving him the job, which makes Wendy feel like crap. Got all that?

You know, I don’t really understand the whole ‘do it on your own merit’ thing. If you’ve got connections, I say you should use ‘em. Like, for example, if my last name was Coppola, I wouldn’t change it to Cage. That would just be dumb.

Things heat up (again) between Nico and Kirby. She says it has to be just about sex, nothing else. To that end, she encourages him to go out with a young starlet he photographs on a movie set, but then gets jealous when she sees them together. In fact, she shows up at his apartment expecting to find them together. Is this girl in need of some Gabriel Byrne treatment or what?

Anyway, the two end up together and erase all the prior rules they’d agreed upon (no calling at home, it’s just sex, they’re strangers in public, yada yada yada). And when I say “erase,” I mean just that, because Kirby wrote all the rules on a little blackboard in his apartment so he wouldn’t forget them. What the heck is up with that?

What I’d like to know is how these women find time to have affairs, go to clubs, and attend posh parties. Aren’t they supposed to be type-A over-achievers? Because if that’s what it takes to make tons of money and be at the top of your game, where do I sign up?