TV Recap: Psych - Daredevils!

What do you do when you want to be a daredevil when you grow up? You drag your best friend to your childhood hero’s stunt show, of course.

In the newest episode of the fabulously funny Psych, we find Shawn and Gus at Dutch the Clutch’s show in Santa Barbara where he is attempting to jump through a ring of fire on his motorbike while blindfolded. Yeah, kind of tricky. It’s even more difficult when your bike is shooting out something that makes it explode as soon as you pass through the ring of fire. And it wouldn’t be Psych if anyone but Shawn notices this miniscule detail.

Dutch lives but Shawn and Gus are convinced he’s the target of attempted murder. When they try to tell Dutch’s crew, his son overhears and hires our favorite psychic detectives to protect his dad. After hanging out with the crew, posing as stunt testers, they go through a slew suspects. Could it be the wife looking for a payout? Or maybe it’s the weasely agent? Or maybe it’s the new daredevil in town “El Diablo” looking to finally be the big man?

Shawn and Gus dismiss everyone, even El Diablo after they discover it’s Dutch’s son. See, Dutch won’t allow his son to do stunts because he doesn’t want him getting hurt but all little Dutch wants is to be like his dad. So sweet but there goes the case. Finally, there may be a break with one of the guys on the crew but when Shawn and Gus follow him, they learn he’s helping Dutch by giving him medicine. With Gus’ genius pharmaceutical knowledge, they deduce that the elder Dutch is dying of pancreatic cancer. He has maybe 6 months to live.

Then things really start to click. Shawn confronts Dutch just as he’s about to do his newest stunt about the fact that he’s trying to kill himself during a stunt so his family will get a better insurance payout. Did I forget to mention that Shawn and Gus found an insurance policy that says if Dutch dies of natural causes, his family gets almost nothing? Well, now you know. So Shawn convinces Dutch that his family would rather have him for 6 more months than a big payout. It’s true, too. That family was too cute. As Dutch rode out, I must admit, I kind of held my breath but he finished it without fail. Such a tender little moment.

Meanwhile, in the other corners of Santa Barbara…Lassiter has gone on multiple dates but his uber-crabby demeanor is beginning to affect his work. When the chief talks to Jules, she pretty much orders her to find Lassie a girlfriend to help him out. So she goes on a hunt that ends with Lassie talking up a hooker that he thinks is Jules’ friend. Trust me, that funny little scene is something you should see for yourself. High-larious.