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TV Recap: Ugly Betty - The Born Identity

It’s presentation day. Cal Hartley is coming to Meade and it’s the only chance the team has to impress him. What’s more impressive than a kidnapping? Oh, did I not mention that it’s also kidnapping day? Fun times at Mode.

Betty’s been in the Closet almost every day since Christina found out William isn’t hers. But what’s a best friend to do other than cover when something horrible happens? Exactly, so Betty’s been covering while also preparing for Cal’s big visit. Everyone’s ready and when the elevator dings, they’re all waiting to welcome their knight in a shiny suit. Daniel offers to give him a tour and then Willie says something about her baby, whom she brought to the office because she knows Cal loves babies. Naturally, he wants to see the little thing so the group tromps down the hall to her office. Instead of baby William, though, Cal finds a large vase in his bassinet. I know, predictable but whatever.

The first thought is Christina, who had finally come back to work about an hour earlier. She swears she hasn’t left the Closet and Betty believes her, even if no one else does. I mean, I don’t believe her so I get it. Betty, though, promises up and down that Christina wouldn’t do anything to hurt William. With all of the hoopla, Cal still wants to have the meeting but Daniel is firm that his partner needs him now and Cal actually reschedules for the morning. Huh. Maybe Cal is gaining some respect for out little Daniel. Now everyone’s on the lookout for baby William. Betty goes to find Christina, who had been released from by the police and spots her getting into her car in front of the building.

She climbs in and tries to calm down Christina, who is frantically saying she just needs to get away from Mode. As she starts to pull out of her spot, Betty hears a gurgle coming from the backseat. OH yeah, didn’t see that one coming. Of course, Stuart stole the baby because he and Christina know William is really theirs and now Betty is their accomplice. Again, what’s a best friend to do? This best friend would turn her friend in but Betty, who is much more guilt ridden than I, takes her best friend to her house. Yup, the house she shares with her whole family. The house where today, Archie is announcing his candidacy for Burrough President.

You know what, it might have been the best thing to happen because Hilda, usually so flighty, actually read Betty the riot act for being so irresponsible. While the Suarez family is trying to figure out what to do next, Willie is back at Mode trying to think of anything she can to find the kidnapper. When she bribes the security guard, she and Marc see Stuart running down the stairs carrying William. Wilhelmina starts freaking out and confesses to Marc that she had the DNA test faked. They need to get that baby back now. It’s getting more difficult by the minute because Betty turns to the only former felon she knows, Claire.

Claire meets Betty and Christina at a doctor’s office but Marc had listened to their phone call so the police pull up in a matter of seconds. Why Betty would call Claire at Mode and not on her cell phone I’ll never understand. Either way, Daniel has to bail them out, well, them being Claire and Betty. Christina and Stuart are on their way to jail. Daniel tries to talk Wilhelmina into having the test to end the whole discussion but she refuses and takes her baby home. Marc gives her his look of wanting to say something but he thinks better and leaves the two alone. Maybe he should have stayed and catched the late show.

Betty pays Willie a visit and the whole thing reminds me why I like Betty and why this whole Wilhelmina is the devil thing can’t continue. Betty tells Willie she knows the truth and she’ll stop at nothing to prove it so Wilhelmina should just tell the truth and be done with it. You can tell she means it, too. Willie can see that clearly as well and the next day, she says she just learned of the DNA testing center’s mistake and she gives William to Christina and Stuart. Finally, Claire and Daniel see a way out. Wilhelmina was only allowed to stay because of William and now there’s nothing stopping them.

Cal is about to sign the papers when Claire bursts out that Wilhelmina is fired. Cal, who was paid a little visit by Wilhelmina, says he won’t sign unless Willie stays at the company. Ew, no, it wasn’t that kind of visit. It was the kind when she tells him she stole a dead man’s sperm and faked a DNA test and a litany of other offenses. She convinced him she’s the kind of person you want as an ally, not an enemy. He agreed. He tells Daniel that he’s a stand up guy but he also needs a snake at Mead and so Wilhelmina stays, for now, and I guess it’s all back to the in-fighting. Seriously, annoying. Just when we were starting to see a progression in their relationship, Daniel and Willie are going to be fighting over control of Mode again. Boring.

Maybe this time they’ll give us something different. I guess now all we can do is hope. I mean, I have lots of hope that since Stuart and Christina are moving back to Scotland, we’ll get more Amanda and Marc time. Why not hope that we don’t revert back two seasons to Willie being the wicked witch. Are you listening TV gods? Or at least the TV gods over at ABC?