TV Recap: Ugly Betty - Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Sometimes I wish I could jump through the TV and slap some one, or at least shake them or something. I don’t know if it would be Betty or Hilda but there is such a thing as being too selfless and after Daddy Suarez’s heart attack, Betty is on the verge of dong just that. The one good thing to come out of this week’s episode of Ugly Betty? Marc finally, finally stood up to Wilhelmina. No, seriously.

Betty has taken three weeks off of work to help her Dad while he was in the hospital. Now that he’s home, apparently some one has to be with him 24 hours a day and since Betty is working and living in the city, she’s given Hilda a very detailed list of what needs to be done. On top of the list, she’s placed post-its throughout the entire house with instructions. Come on, Betty, Hilda is a mom. Naturally, Hilda takes some offense to Betty bossing her around but they both want what’s best for Ignacio so they deal with each other. Then he coughs. I mean, it’s been three weeks since his heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery so a cough could be something. Betty tells Hilda to take him to their doctor just to make sure and then she leaves for work.

When I say that Betty hasn’t been to work for three weeks, I mean three weeks. She hasn’t even checked her messages. I know the Suarez’s are a close-knit clan but three weeks without even checking a message? Exactly. Good thing Daniel is so understanding. And I guess it helps that both he and Wilhelmina were out on vacation anyways. Who were they with, you wonder? Daniel went to the Caribbean with Molly and Wilhelmina and Connor headed up to a ski resort. Each couple was frolicking, happier than I’ve ever seen any of them. Bright spot in an other wise frustratingly depressing episode. Back to it….

Neither one of the couples knows about the other one because they’re all too busy thinking that the other one is single and sad. When Betty distractedly sends Daniel and Molly’s vacation photos to Pierre St. James, all hell breaks loose. She was right in the middle of her Dad’s tests (she took him to the Meade’s doctor since Hilda didn’t take him to their doctor about the cough), when Amanda tells her some one else got their phone bill which means that all of her mail went out to the wrong places. Seriously, Betty. I understand what that kind of stress is like but you can’t just wander around in a haze forever. He’s alive and he’s okay. Do some work if you’re going to take the time to be there. So Betty makes a decision to go and track down the photos because the nurse tells her Ignacio will be in the testing room for four hours.

She tracks down Pierre but he won’t give her the photos. What would she do without Marc and Amanda. They know Pierre’s ex and he’s quite a bitter ex. He gives them an address and Betty discovers Pierre’s deep, dark secret. He’s actually a normal suburban Dad married to a woman. Yup, he’s a fraud. He’s an understanding fraud because he gives them the copies of the pictures so Daniel and Molly are safe for now. Wilhelmina and Connor are not so lucky. They’re basically two little horn dogs running around Mode having sex wherever they can. Normally I’m all for that but Wilhelmina actually missed a meeting because of it. Then, when the meeting was rescheduled, she was off with Connor again. This time, after some ego-boosting advice from Betty, Marc took over and was doing a great job convincing them to buy ad space when Wilhelmina walks in.

She blamed Marc for not coming to find her and insinuated that he was a bad assistant. I’ve never hated Wilhelmina until now. Well, maybe I’ve hated her before but she always redeems herself. This time, when Marc tells her that he was humiliated and stands up for himself, she asks if he wants another job. Bitch. He walks away saying she’s right and I almost wanted to cry it was so sad. In true Wilhelmina fashion, though, she has double booked meetings the next day and instead of canceling one, she lets Marc take the ad space one. See, sweet on the inside, as long as you’re on her good side. Now I’m so giddy I want to do a little victory dance for Marc. It’s seriously about time. All is right at Mode and time to get back to the aggravating Suarez family.

Betty returns to the hospital only to discover that her Dad is missing. Seems his tests didn’t take four hours after all and now she’s lost him. Of course she calls Hilda and now everyone is uber panicked, although the doctor does say he’s in really good health for what he just went through. Hilda and Betty have it out on the street and neither one really wins but Hilda says that Betty is always off with work and her apartment. Like Hilda really wants to work at home and live at home? Um…didn’t she have no money and was mooching off of her Dad by living there? I thought so. Still, she throws this whole guilt trip Betty’s way and the next thing we know, Betty is telling Amanda she has to move out. What?

I mean, she lives 20 minutes away and Ignacio already got a nurse that’s mostly paid through Medicaid. Plus, Hilda does live and work. So does Justin. What is the problem here, Suarez’s? I’m so annoyed the only reason I’m watching next week is because Betty hasn’t 100 percent decided to move home. I mean, just when she gained the smallest little sliver of independence they’re going to move her back to Queens to continue acting like a fourteen year old? Agh. All I can say is I’ll revolt if she does go back.