TVDVD - Army Wives: The Complete Third Season

With season four looming on the horizon -- premiering April 11, 2010 on Lifetime -- ABC Studios has released the third season of Army Wives on DVD. Available today, Tuesday, February 9, 2010, the five-disc set offers all eighteen episodes of the hit series' most recent season, as well as several great extras.

The most prominent, and coolest extra on the set is "Stationed in the South." Army Wives is filmed on location in Charleston, South Carolina. The city has a distinct flavor and personality that permeates throughout the scenes of the show. So, in order to thank the community that's become their second home for the past three years, the cast of Army Wives put together a tribute to the city, and their favorite things about it.

Catherine Bell and Terry Serpico took to the water to show us the harbor and the great boating scene that exists there. Brigid Brannagh and Brian McNamara showed us some of the finer restaurants in the town, as well as showcasing the unique experience of traveling via rickshaw through the city streets.

Kim Delaney took it a step further with a horse-and-carriage tour of the city, spotlighting the role the heritage of the city plays in the military stories in the show. It was a more intimate encounter with Sterling K.Brown and Sally Pressman. The former took us to one of his weekly basketball games with various locals he's befriended, while the latter showed us the unique brand of yoga she's discovered in Charleston.

Due to his experiences on the film The Ultimate Gift, where his character interacted with a 12-year old with leukemia, Drew Fuller volunteers his time at the local children's hospital, helping to bring hope, distraction and normalcy to the kids who live and receive cancer treatments there, befriending one in particular.

It's a particularly touching story, and a great showcase of how the cast has embraced the community and support it. Wendy Davis uses some of her free time to share what she says she learned from the masters in Los Angeles by teaching an acting class for the local acting community in Charleston, South Carolina.

Fans of television shows shot on location like Army Wives often wonder about those actors in that new community. How they're living, what they're doing when they're not filming and how they're being there might be impacting that region, so it was great that this season set chose to show us with a very well put together short documentary.

Also on the set are the complete Army Wives webisodes, featuring Joan, Roland and Jeremy, as well as the obligatory deleted scenes and a good blooper reel. The set is rounded off with "Army Wives Gives Back," a featurette on cast members surprising real-life army wives and women who've made sacrifices to help those around them. Now it's time for "Army Wives Give Back" to give these strong women something in return for all they do.

Rarely do DVD extras go that step beyond and pull the heartstrings on their own, but with Army Wives: The Complete Third Season, you can prepare to get misty-eyed at the adventures of the cast within the show, and then feel your heart warm again at what they're up to when the cameras stop rolling.