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As cool as it is that Teen Nick celebrates the earlier years of Nickelodeon by airing some ’90’s classics late at night, some of us who were around to watch Clarissa Explains it All and Hey Dude when they originally aired are now too old and too saddled with grown-up responsibilities to be able to devote after-midnight time to revisiting the series when they air on Teen Nick now. Or maybe I’m just speaking for myself, here. Either way, it’s good news to hear that as of Friday, Teen Nick is moving up on the schedule.

Entertainment Weekly posted the news, stating that Teen Nick’s ’90’s TV block will begin airing two hours earlier each night, starting this Friday. The shows, which currently include All That, Kenan and Kel, and Clarissa Explains it All, air beginning midnight. As of Friday, they’ll start airing at 10:00 p.m. The block of shows will then play again at midnight, for those of you who prefer your classic TV to air after hours.

EW also mentioned that Hey Dude will be joining the line-up. The comedy followed a bunch of teens who worked on a dude ranch called Bar None. Christine Taylor was one of the stars and I doubt I’m alone in associating the actress, who went on to star in the Brady Bunch movies and later marry Ben Stiller, with her role as Melody in the Nick series for a long time after the series ended.

Kenan & Kel and All That were a bit after my time, though I’ll admit I wasn’t above watching either show during my later adolescent years. Kenan Thompson was as funny to me in the ‘90s as he is now. I haven’t checked out The ’90’s Are All That because on weeknights, past midnight is too late for me. However, now that it’s going to start at 10, there’s a better chance that I’ll manage to fit in a bit of retro-TV into my evenings. Hopefully we'll see Salute Your Shorts added to the schedule sometime soon.

Find more info on the '90's line-up at 90sAreAllThat.TeenNick.com.