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Conservative groups call her show "MTV's latest poison." Page Six calls her an "MTV skank." MTV calls bisexual pinup Tila Tequila "that poisonous skank who's earning us a boatload of cash."

The AP reports that A Shot of Love With Tila Tequila is the cable network's second highest rated series after The Hills, which stars skanks of the blonder, hetero variety. The reality series, which asks the American public to sink lower than DVRing Jerry Springer classics to watch Tequila pick a mate from a gaggle of dense boys and girls in tight clothes, is among the top 15 highest rated cable shows.

"Who would have ever thought I'd be the girl who does that for MTV?" Tequila asked the Associated Press. The answer to that is, of course, everybody. Judging by MTV's recent face-first dive into trash programming (Dismissed, Room Raiders), it was just a matter of time until the network built a raunchy "Bachelor" style reality show around a bisexual Internet porn star. What's next? A second season, of course, and a spinoff called "That's Amore" featuring one of Tequila's rejected would-be bed mates.

If you dig that sort of thing, or if you've built a fun drinking game around watching this show, the series finale for A Shot of Love airs Dec. 19 on MTV and will probably be immediately repeated for the next several days.