For a brief period in the mid 1990s, after That Thing You Do came out but before Dead Man On Campus and An American Werewolf In Paris were released, it seemed like Tom Everett Scott was going to turn into a star. He was likeable, just the right amount of handsome to play a regular dude and a passable enough actor to carry dramatic fare. Unfortunately, despite a bit of a cult following they picked up later, those latter two flicks were savaged by critics when they came out and largely ignored by audiences. Fifteen years later, Everett Scott is still working regularly but far from a household name. Maybe this casting will help right his course.

According to Deadline, the actor has boarded the ABC pilot Bad Mom. He’ll play opposite fellow leads Jenna Elfman and Frances Conroy in the story about a grandmother giving up her babysitting duties and leaving her daughter and son-in-law to fend for themselves with their two children.

As with most pilots, the future of Bad Mom is still very much up in the air, but with a stellar cast, it should at least start near the front of the pack. I love That Thing You Do too much to not root for its success.

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