With so much great television on at the moment, you have to have some really captivating characters to differentiate yourself from the plethora of programming that’s available. While of course a series needs to have characters that the viewer really cares about, there’s perhaps an even more effective way of writing awesome characters. Namely: to make a character that’s a downright awful person. 

The Atlantic recently compiled a list of the 32 most awful television characters in contemporary TV. Voted on by fans, they ranked the most despicable people in comedy and drama programs alike resulting in a summation of truly terrible characters. Then again, they’re the people we love to hate- and that makes for damn good television. Let’s walk through the top 10 worst characters from that list, and exactly what makes them so cringe-worthy. Obviously, spoilers abound so tread lightly.

hannah horvath
#10 Hannah Horvath
All of the characters on Girls are pretty terrible, and its protagonist is no exception. Her level of self-absorption is her most crippling trait, and also makes for some of the most hilarious moments Girls has to offer. The kicker: she’s actually super intelligent, but can’t get people to like her due to her selfishness.

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