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#4) Sheldon Simeon (29): Sheldon may have actually dodged a bullet this week. No one was too pleased with his beef carpaccio dish that contained flavorless tuna, but luckily for him, both John and Lizzie served up worse dishes which allowed him to skate by. On the bright side, he came damn near close to winning the quickfire challenge, and given the extensive body of work he’s offered up thus far, he’s still a real threat to make the finals.

#4) Micah Fields (29): Micah’s been a middle-of-the-pack sort of guy for most of the season. Over the last couple of weeks, however, he’s sort of learned the zen secrets of mastering the quickfire challenge, winning immunity for the last two episodes in a row. Could it be enough to propel him into the final? It’s too early to tell, but at the very least, it’s nice to see him win a few.

#6) Lizzie Binder (25): In all fairness, this week was the first week Lizzie landed in the low bracket during the final challenge. In double fairness, she also beat John in the cookout at the end of the episode that helped her to ensure her place on the show. However, the competition is getting stiff and Lizzie’s scallops this week were not only cooked disgustingly, she even admitted she served old food. The competition has gotten stiffer, and Lizzie can’t have another mistake like this week’s.

#6) Josh Valentine (25): Josh went back to the pork well this week, and for the first time, the judges actually loved the way he cooked it. He finished in the high category for just the second time during an elimination challenge. Unfortuantely, he also felt the need to open his mouth and call John out about his lack of pans excuse. I get it. I get why he was frustrated with John, but Josh has proven exactly nothing in this competition. This week was a good step in the right direction, but he still needs to spend more time focusing on his own cooking.

#8)Josie Smith-Malave (22): If you’re wondering why Josie is the worst chef left, look no further than her bland chicken dish this week. It was fine, but there was no conceivable way that dish was ever going to win. Thus, why the hell would you serve it? We’re past the point of trying to finish in the middle of the pack. People need to try and win every single week, and with four lows and not one single high, Josie has never proven she’s capable of winning.

Here’s a look at how each of the two ballots shook out:

Kristen Kish (18)
Brooke Williamson (17)
Stefan Richter (16)
Sheldon Simeon (15)
Micah Fields (14)
Lizzie Binder (13)
Josh Valentine (12)
Josie Smith-Malave (11)
Kristen Kish (18)
Brooke Williamson (17)
Stefan Richter (16)
Micah Fields (15)
Sheldon Simeon (14)
Josh Valentine (13)
Lizzie Binder (12)
Josie Smith-Malave (11)

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