New Trailer For HBO's Horse Racing Show Luck Looks Incredible

Heat director Michael Mann's new HBO show Luck has been on my radar for awhile now, but after watching this new trailer, I'm somehow even more amped at what could well turn out to be as good as or better than Game Of Thrones. I know that's a great statement considering how well HBO's new offering has gone over, but then again, I'm a total sucker for degenerate gambling. Especially when it involves Dustin Hoffman.

Seedy, magical and outdoorsy, this new teaser/ production diary for Luck outlines all the interconnection between the horses, the gamblers and the big money overseeing the operation. It's an angle not normally seen by the masses having a few beers and betting two dollars on funny-sounding equines to show, but if you wander far enough from the galleries and snoop on some of the old timers frantically screaming for late charges, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, take a look at the teaser below…

The first thing I'm struck by in that teaser is how on point the writing seems to be. Even only seeing brief snippets, these powerful voices come to life. I can't imagine Nick Nolte as a down on his luck trainer and Dustin Hoffman as a mob-connected arm of power.

There's no official debut date for Luck, but with production well under way, late this year or early next year seems like a reasonable enough estimate. Watch out Boardwalk Empire and Game Of Thrones, you should have some competition at the Emmy's real soon.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

Enthusiastic about Clue, case-of-the-week mysteries, a great wrestling promo and cookies at Disney World. Less enthusiastic about the pricing structure of cable, loud noises and Tuesdays.