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Sure, travelling the world has introduced Travel Channel star Andrew Zimmern to some pretty strange foods as shown in his series Bizarre Foods, but the world has more to offer than delicacies and Zimmern is about to explore some of that in his new series Bizarre World.

In this new show, Zimmern will take a look at some strange and unusual customs from around the world and not just as a spectator but as an active participant. Below is part of Travel Channel’s description for Bizarre World:

The premiere episode of BIZARRE WORLD offers a timely and rare look inside Cuba, a country whose mystery is matched by its natural beauty, vibrant culture and succulent cuisine.

Willingly offering himself up as a human guinea pig in each episode, Andrew dives head first into this new evolution of global cultural exploration. Some of his adventures include living among the remote Ju/’hoansi tribe in the Kalahari, using brains and brawn to compete in a German sport that merges chess and boxing, and shaving his entire body in order for his skin to become a living canvas for pop art at a body painting festival in Austria.

Bizarre World premieres Tuesday, September 1 at 10PM on Travel Channel.

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