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Tron Legacy Sequel Writer Doing Showtime Sci-Fi Hospital Series

If you had any doubt that the cable landscape is vastly more interesting and creatively diverse than network television, take a look at this story from The Hollywood Reporter. While the lead of the story is focused on writer David DiGilio getting the job to write the Tron: Legacy sequel, there's a potentially just as interesting tidbit buried further down. DiGilio has also apparently sold a pitch to Showtime about, get this, a post-apocalyptic hospital. Can't imagine that turning up in CBS's fall line-up, can you?

While there's very little information about the new potential series, we do know that it's called Last H.O.P.E.. For those allergic to acronyms, that stands for "Last Hospital on Planet Earth." You can imagine the wait times in their E.R...

Showtime is playing it close to the vest with the details, but the show is described as "a cross of Mad Max and M.A.S.H.." Could be fun, and hey, if we have to get another freaking hospital show, let's at least make it interesting.