HBO has a new holiday-themed commercial for True Blood fans. Trying to figure out what to get for your relatives for Christmas? HBO suggests True Blood on DVD, which they describe as the perfect gift for almost everyone. Grandma might not like it.

If you’re hoping this ad is for the fourth season on DVD or Blu-ray, you’re out of luck. HBO doesn’t have a release date set for last season’s DVD set yet, but judging by previous seasons, the series’ latest installment isn’t likely to be available until next spring (May, most likely).

In the meantime, if you’re looking to add one or all of the first three seasons to your DVD collection, or gift them this Christmas, this girl does a pretty good job of laying out the synopsis. From the Maryann reference she makes, it sounds like she’s talking about Season 2. I'm also thinking Grandma's reaction isn't all that far off the mark as far as how some might react to learning what the show is about... I guess it depends on the grandma, though.

“Some people call her a fang-banger, but those people are religious freaks. No offense.”

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