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HBO hasn't been shy in their attempts to whet our appetites for the approaching fifth season of True Blood. Let's face it, those of us who love the show probably don't need regular reminders that in just over a month's time, the series will indeed be back. But we love those reminders all the same, don't we? Today's comes in the form of a teaser poster…

True Blood vampires cry tears of blood. It's a gross messy display of emotion, but a nice reminder of what makes them tick. The teaser poster below, courtesy of THR, makes use of that image…

Would it be reading too much into it to suggest that the sight of a crying vampire hints at sad times ahead? Or should we take it at face value (heh) and go straight to the tagline below: "Don't cry. It's back." Not quite back, HBO. But coming soon!

Speaking of vampires, Pam sounds like she's close to tears in the latest preview video released.

True Blood returns for Season 5 on Sunday, June 10 on HBO.

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