Thanks to Super Bowl XLVIII, there was not a new episode of True Detective last night. Girls and Looking moved to Saturday to avoid the big game but HBO's (not true-)crime story decided it best to skip this week altogether and just air the fourth installment, "Who Goes There," next Sunday instead.

There was, however, still some good True Detective related news this week with the network signing creator Nic Pizzolatto to a two year deal. It probably goes without saying that Pizzolatto inking with HBO means a second series of the anthology is all but guaranteed. So in the critically acclaimed show's absence this week, I thought of five directors who might be up to the challenge of taking over from Cary Joji Fukunaga. That is, if the network reinvests in the one director model after he departs at season's end. I think they should, the result speaks for themselves. Not that I know what any of these artist want to do with their time but some considerations came into play when selecting Fukunaga’s replacement. That’s why there are no big names like Darren Aronofsky or Christopher Nolan on the list even though they’d kill. And maybe they would do it but I picked these filmmakers because, on top of being perfect for the job, I think HBO could possibly nab them. Here are the five...

Michelle MacLaren
It's only a matter of time before Michelle MacLaren is off directing feature films so HBO should grab her for True Detective while they still can. The longtime television director has quite the resume, including several X-Files and the second ever episode of The Walking Dead, but is probably best known for her work as co-executive producer and eleven-time director on Breaking Bad. MacLaren was an integral part of the AMC drama, coming on board early and making an immediate impression with "4 Days Out" (S2, E9) before eventually being entrusted with Season 5's mid-season finale, "Gliding Over All," as well as the fourth last episode of the series, "To'hajiilee."

It might help her bid if Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul signed on to be the True Detectives for the second season. The whole idea of the anthology is to allow big actors to partake in the passion project and perhaps the pair would relish the chance to work together again. I know we would. Oh, and it's probably worth noting that MacLaren already has an in at HBO since she recently finished filming her fourth episode of Game of Thrones. It's clear she can handle stepping into another hit show and I'd love to see her take on Pizzolatto's words.

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