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Maybe last night you were expecting to settle down with HBO Go and watch the final episode of True Detective, but when you tried to load the streaming video service, you found yourself staring at a flat circle of doom, as the app refused to load. If that's the case, you weren't alone. Some, if not many, HBO Go users experienced problems getting the service to load last night, and HBO attributes their awareness of this issue -- if not the cause of it -- to the overwhelming demand of True Detective. The problem with their streaming video service has since been fixed.

NO spoilers from the True Detective finale ahead!

HBO Tweeted the following last night at about 9:50 p.m., by which point the final episode of True Detective would've been nearly finished airing on their actual channel:

Time collected a number of Tweets complaining about the non-loading HBO Go app, including this one, which uses a True Detective quote to note the problem...

I saw a couple of frantic complaints about the issue online from frustrated HBO Go users who were trying to watch the episode. Those with an HBO subscription and access to a television on Sunday night might have been able to catch a later airing of the episode. It did air on at least one other HBO channel after its original airing. However, those who weren't near their TVs or who, for whatever the reason only had access to an HBO Go subscription were out of luck until the service came back.

And it is back, according to HBO Go's Twitter...

So if you didn't get to catch the finale of the excellent drama you should be able to do so now. And if you did see it, you should check out Jesse's great breakdown of the episode!

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