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The Ultimate Big Brother Alliance Quiz Will Test Your Superfan Knowledge

The new season of Big Brother is just around the corner. For those of who who look forward to the new game every year, the countdown to Big Brother Season 18 really has begun. While we await official updates about the houseguests and whatever twists may be in store for them this season, we put together a quiz to test your Big Brother knowledge, centered specifically on some of the more memorable alliances of the long-running CBS competition series.

The quiz is below (it may take a few seconds to load).

How'd you do? Continue on for the answer key...


What was this alliance called?

The Friendship (or The Nerd Herd, if you're Howie)

quack pack

Season 14's Dan and Ian were part of an alliance called

The Quack Pack


Season 16's The Hitmen consisted of

Cody and Derrick

chill town

What was Dr. Will and Mike Boogie's alliance called?



In Season 10, Dan and Memphis formed an alliance called...

The Renegades

Season 5's Drew, Jase, Michael and Scott had an alliance called...

Season 5's Drew, Jase, Michael and Scott had an alliance called...

The Four Horsemen

Legion of Doom

In Big Brother 7 (All Stars), the Legion of Doom alliance consisted of Will and Boogie, along with...

Danielle and James

season 17

Which of these was NOT an alliance in Season 17?

The Rationale

danielle season 3

In Season 3, who was Danielle Reyes' closest ally?


big brother hot tub

The Late Night Crew alliance was in what season?

Season 8

Big Brother returns for Season 18 on June 22 at 8/7c on CBS.