A good outrageous claim should have enough bullshit smarts behind it that it should make you briefly say, wait… really? Even if you can tear the very framework of its argument down thirty seconds later, if it makes you consider it for that instant, I like it. Here now is an outrageous claim followed by bullshit smarts. Leading Spanish language network Univision claimed today that it expects to be “the number one network in this country in five years.” With only one rival network, Telemundo, and the Hispanic population growing in record numbers, the goal is not only achievable, it’s very probable. Wait… really?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comments were made during a recent panel, and Univision’s optimism was closely mirrored by Telemundo which spoke a brief time later. “What we have to do is to instill that hunger to be number one,” president Cesar Conde reiterated.

Now, thirty second later, let me tear down the framework of this argument. Without question, both Univision and Telemundo’s share will continue to grow. By 2050, 1/3rd of the United States will be Hispanic, but as the number of foreign language speakers grow, so to will the competition. If these networks think they’ll be alone on their island forever, they are sadly mistaken. In addition, as more and more Hispanics continue to assimilate into American culture, many of them will prefer to watch English language programming so they can be in on the conversation. The propensity to celebrate one’s roots is very strong, but so too is the power of bonding with higher ups at work. At least for the foreseeable future, the real moves and shakers in this country will be speaking English. In order to advance, you must to some degree find a level playing field, and that level playing field often includes watercooler conversation about hit shows. Those will never be on Univision.

In summation: this is a great outrageous claim because it’s really not as far-fetched as it might sound.

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