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With the merge of WB and UPN into CW coming this fall, its not all that surprising to hear that the network will be taking two of their “big” shows and putting them back to back in the hopes of boosting ratings. Neither ‘Gilmore Girls’ nor ‘Veronica Mars’ are all that high in terms of ratings but both shows have a very strong fan base nonetheless. Starting in the fall, the two shows will air on CW on Tuesday nights.

‘Veronica Mars’ has only officially been picked up for 13 episodes but writer/director Rob Thomas seems confident that the show will make it through the full season. While the first two seasons of the show centered around an overlying story arch with the usual mini-plots that varied episode to episode, this season Thomas says there will be three mystery “blocks”. He believes by breaking the season up it will give people who want to get into the show more opportunities to jump in mid-season and not be completely in the dark.

Thomas also gave a few clues about season 3 of ‘Veronica Mars’, though he didn’t say anything all that exciting. Just that Mac will be a regular on the show (finally!) and that all of them (Veronica, Logan, Wallace, Mac and even Dick) will be attending Hearst College. There will also be two new characters (Mac and Wallace’s roommates) added to the mix.

And now, a brief editorial: One of the best things Thomas said (as posted onIGN's website) with regards to Veronica’s character in Season 3 was, "My fear with the character is never let her get too huggable, too cuddly, too warm…I tell the writers to write her like a porcupine." It is for this reason that I believe the show will last. Veronica’s quirkiness and attitude is what makes her so much fun to watch. She definitely softened up a bit in season 2.

I kind of hope that Veronica’s brief experience at Hearst when she visited last season (getting a fraternity in trouble for a sex-related game they had going on in their house) will cause her to enter college as somewhat of an outcast. In this writer’s opinion, Veronica is at her best when she’s without the support of the masses (see Season 1). While season 2 was great, I felt the show lost a bit of its edge due to Veronica’s slight increase in popularity at school. She wasn’t technically an ‘09er’ in her senior year but she was far from being the loathed creature she was in Season 1. Either way, I’m looking forward to October 3rd!