Video: AMC Profiles The Zodiac Killer And The Murder Of JonBenet Ramsey

As we reported yesterday, AMC’s airing a series of vignettes in the days leading up to the premiere of their new murder mystery series The Killing, each of which focuses on a different real-life murder mystery that has yet to be solved. We have the one that profiles The Zodiac Killer for you to check out here, as well as the video focusing on Jon Benet Ramsey's murder.

What better way to get us interested in their new original series The Killing than by reminding us of some of the most famous real-life murder mysteries? While I’m hoping we’ll eventually learn the answer to the question posed by AMC in their promotions for The Killing, “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?”, the murders in these vignettes have yet to be solved.

The vignettes, which will air each night leading up to Sunday night’s premiere of The Killing, are from three to five minutes long each and profile a different murder mystery. Among those featured are the murders of JonBenet Ramsey, Natalee Holloway, and Marilyn Sheppard. The Alphabet Murders and The Black Dahlia will also be profiled over the course of the week. Below is the profile on The Zodiac Killer and further down is the one focusing on JonBenet Ramsey.

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The Killing premiers Sunday, April 3rd at 9/8c on AMC.

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