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A vampire and a slayer appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. If you missed seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alexander Skarsgard on Late Night last night, or Christina Applegate talking about her new show Up All Night, and Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D on The Tonight Show, we have the videos for you to watch here!

Sarah Michelle Gellar spends a good portion of the video below discussing poop, which I suspect will be of interest and amusement to many of the parents out there. When the conversation with Jimmy veers onto the subject of her show Ringer, which premieres tonight on The CW and features Gellar in two different roles, she talks about how much she loves working with herself. “I always agree with myself. I’m always on time... or at least the same time as I am...”

Alexander Skarsgard showed off his Swedish accent and discussed his grandmother’s drinking regimen with Jimmy. Toward the end, he gets around to discussing his role in Straw Dogs.

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D spoke with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about how he worked out his gym/tan/laundry routine while in Italy for the currently airing season of Jersey Shore on MTV. He also talks about the reality show he’s doing that shows his life as a DJ.

Finally, while Applegate doesn’t actually talk much about the new comedy she's doing with Will Arnett called Up All Night (premieres on Wednesday night at 10/9c on NBC), she does introduce a clip for the show, which you’ll see toward the end of the video below.

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