The Walking Dead Just Hit Fans With The Biggest Shocker Of The Series

Major spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead below.

Holy good goddamn what the hellshit? The Walking Dead, a show that has given its fans many surprises every season, has just broken one of the cardinal rules of television: never kill off the unkillable characters. No, I’m not talking about Sturgess (or whatever) or Annie or that one guy married to Betsy who got his neck bitten. And I’m not talking about Nicholas either. I’m talking about Glenn.

First appearing in the second episode of The Walking Dead, “Guts,” Glenn has been as big a part of this story as Rick (and obviously anyone else), although without AS much attention paid to him. And now he’s gone. If you'll recall, he saved Rick in that episode, too. But where was Rick tonight? Running a lot and getting into fights in RVs. Dammit, Rick. Dammit.


We already had a huge inkling that Nicholas was going to bite the bullet (literally), and there was the thought that Glenn might have joined him. But we didn’t really think it was going to happen. However, as the episode progressed and led that particular duo down an alleyway without any easy escape, it seemed more and more likely that Glenn would be exiting the series a lot sooner than we'd thought. I mean seriously, Negan didn't even get here yet!

Glenn and Nicholas were forced to stand on a dumpster as the massive walker herd surrounded them, and Nicholas went into one of his ear-ringing anxiety attacks. But instead of just taking it and moving on, he came out of it and apparently decided suicide was the only option. So he uttered the titular words "Thank you," and shot himself in the head, inadvertently knocking Glenn down into the walker pile-up. And that...well, that's where Glenn got all of his intestines pulled out and chomped on by everything around him.

If we can gnaw on a bone of hope, it's possible that Nicholas landed on top of Glenn, and that it was in fact his innards being ripped out, and Glenn was only reacting to that and the all-around horror of his situation. But then if that's true, then the walkers probably finished up with Nicholas and started destroying Glenn immediately afterward. So I guess there's no real silver lining here, beyond the fact that we don't have to put up with Nicholas anymore. But what a price to pay for that small victory.

R.I.P. Glenn. We're glad we aren't the ones who have to tell Maggie.

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