Over its first six seasons, The Walking Dead has offered up a number of young characters that have run the gamut from tolerable to abysmally annoying. But now the universe has given us the best alternative: children playing the parts of the adult Walking Dead survivors.  Check out one such example below.

Viewers will no doubt recognize this moment as coming from Sasha’s Dark Period, after she lost both Tyreese and Bob, when she decided that her best course of post-apocalyptic action would be to kill every walker she saw, and also resting atop piles of them. It looked like this on the show.


This and several other slices of awesomeness were put together by the New Jersey-based business Mother Hubbard Photography, which shared the results from a recent Walking Dead cosplay shoot where the photographer’s children and their friends recreated some of the most memorable moments from the zombie drama’s recent seasons. It looks like a ton of work went into these pictures, and the effort is much appreciated by me and likeminded individuals.

Check out Lil Carol below, looking none too happy to be baking cookies for anybody, particularly if any of those people are as dismal as Sam was.

This kid is clearly not as good at hiding her true emotions as Carol was during her early days within Alexandria. To everyone but Sam, Carol looked like a picture perfect example of domesticity. 


Unsurprisingly, there have been some who don’t take too kindly to Mother Hubbard Photography using children in recreating these moments, even though this is a TV show that not only employs children but also has no problem killing them off. The anger isn't directed so much at the images above, but for others that depict more violent scenes. Head to the next page and beyond to see a smattering of those, including the pint-sized Negan you never knew your life was missing, and other awesome mini-versions of your favorite walker-slayers.

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