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Seth Meyers may be a late night host, now, but he has a lot of connections to the world of Saturday Night Live, and sometimes he revisits his SNL days with guests. Last night, Amy Poehler showed up on the series and we got our first taste of the SNL segment “Really with Seth and Amy” in years. This version is tied to Women’s World Cup soccer, and women’s sports in general. It’s pretty funny, so be sure to give it a watch.

Riffing off the controversy surrounding sportswriter Andy Benoit, who recently spoke out to state “women’s sports in general are not worth watching,” Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers really go to town. Benoit's opinion is such a ludicrous statement, and the perfect type of commentary for Poehler and Meyers to poke holes into. Poehler starts the segment off, noting that she’d “love to see” Benoit make the same statement to veteran female tennis player Serena Williams' face. The segment also takes shots at Benoit’s outlet, Sports Illustrated, which frequently only features women—non-athletes to boot—during its popular swimsuit issue every year. As Seth and Amy are famous for saying, “Really?!”


The “Really” segment spawns from the days when Amy Poehler was still a blonde, and she and Seth Meyers both hosted “Weekend Update” on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. People really liked that “Weekend Update” amalgamation, and it helped that the two famous faces also became known for performing memorable sub-sketches, like “Really,” to keep people invested in their schtick.

Anytime Seth Meyers reunites with one of his former SNL co-stars, it’s always a little bit bittersweet, but also pretty great. Meyers may not always be the best interviewer, but he’s particularly good about getting people to reminisce and share great behind-the-scenes stories from the set of the long-running late night sketch show. And his rapport with the former SNL cast members should not be underestimated. He recently even convinced Maya Rudolph to try out a new impression on his late night stage. Meyers may not play games with celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, but there's a lot of amusing stuff that still goes on on the late late night program. Really.

If you are interested in seeing more segments like this one, you can catch Late Night with Seth Meyers on weeknights at 12:35 p.m. ET, only on NBC.