Watch Amy Pond Flirt With Herself In This New Doctor Who Mini-Episode

Any American Doctor Who fan worth a sonic screwdriver will tell you that he or she spends most of his life outside of watching Doctor Who trying to convince other Americans that they too, should be watching Doctor Who. Sadly, no matter how much effort we put into it, this almost never works. Though The Doctor is something of a cultural icon in Great Britain and thus presumably a much easier sell, the average American just doesn’t get it, and it’s kind of hard to get them to simply jump in to the new season and latch on to what’s going on, without having seen any of what comes before. There’s just not an easy in. Until now.

Doctor Who won’t be back on television with full episodes till later this year, but while we wait, there’s a new mini-episode online and, it’s the perfect way to get someone who isn’t already hooked on one of the best shows on television, absolutely hooked. It’s short, to the point, requires no previous knowledge of The Doctor to enjoy, and it embodies almost everything that makes Doctor Who a lot of fun. Plus it contains sexual innuendo in which Rory looks up a skirt and Karen Gillian (who plays Amy Pond) seems to be contemplating totally making out with herself. I hear sex sells.

The mini-episode, titled “Space” was produced for the BBC’s Comic Relief Night, and you can watch it yourself, and then force your non-Who fan friends to watch it as well, embedded in two parts below. It’s what The Doctor would want you to do.

Josh Tyler