Watch Anderson Cooper Giggle Over Pee Jokes

I have no idea why Anderson Cooper is fourth in the primetime ratings. O’Reilly’s a cantankerous asshole and Nancy Grace’s nose is more frightening than the words coming out of her mouth, although Lawrence O’Donnell does earn points for being a slightly less attractive Colin Firth. None of this should be able to hold a candle to Cooper’s likeable personality, even when he pulls a Bill Hader and can’t contain his laughter during an especially silly segment.

Wednesday night, during his “Ridiculist” segment, Cooper lost his shit when he tried to straight-face launch a story with at least 10 witty pee references about French actor Gerard Depardieu. For those who haven’t heard the story, a supposedly drunken Depardieu peed on an airplane after being told he couldn’t use the bathroom until after take-off. It’s the perfect fodder for a “Ridiculist” segment, but even the capably poker-faced Cooper couldn’t take himself seriously this time around, although I’m sure it didn’t help his crew was gasping with laughter in the background.

Check out Anderson Cooper’s priceless giggle, below, compliments of CNN…

God, I can't wait to see how well the man does on Daytime TV!