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Watch Bill Gates And Jimmy Fallon Gamble With Poop Water

Of all the things a late night talk show host could do with a guest, guzzling down poop water probably isn’t one that makes potential to-do lists that often. But that Jimmy Fallon will do whatever it takes to keep things interesting on The Tonight Show. Watch him and Bill Gates put an amazing advancement to mildly uncomfortable use in the video below.

Rather than imitate the infamous “2 Girls 1 Cup” video, Jimmy Fallon and Bill Gates are shining a light on the revolutionary waste treatment device the Omniprocessor, which can quite literally turn shit into potable water. Of course, the best way to judge the drinkability of a glass of poop water is to do a blind taste test, as Fallon and Gates do. (Complete with a Number 2 joke, for all the jr. high viewers.) Both men gamely drink their glasses down the last drop, And who was the winner?

The world, for having access to such an amazing and potentially affordable piece of technology here to possibly eradicate the abundance of diseases around the world born of contaminated water. But, in the show, the viewers are the winners, because it’s revealed that everybody up on that stage was getting their bellies full of poop water. As awesome as this is, I’m sure there are some people out there who would react the way that Fallon does, only with serious nausea.


Gates and his Gates Foundation have granted seed money to Seattle engineering firm Janicki Bioenergy and founder Peter Janicki to get this Omniprocessor project moving forward, to try out in poor countries where there is far more dirty water than clean water in easy access. The machine uses a steam engine to burn physical waste at around 1,000 degrees Celsius and produces enough energy to burn the next batch. The goal is to keep things cheap enough to allow third-world nation entrepreneurs to buy into it with little to no consequences to be had.

All in all, according to Gates himself, 100,000 people’s byproducts can be turned into 250 kw of electricity and 86,000 liters of drinkable water. Incredible, especially since the high temperatures reportedly don’t even give off an odor. I’d probably watch a series of Bill Gates introducing concepts like this that he’s dropping big bank on, even without dookie involved.

I’m guessing Fallon wouldn’t want to use Omniprocessor water the next time he plays beer pong against a robot. Now do you think they’ll start making poop beer?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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