Watch Bob Barker Show Up On The April Fools' Price Is Right, Get A Hero's Welcome

Ah, April Fools’ Day, a “holiday” where you can really get a good grasp on how terrible a sense of humor some people have. But it’s not all garbage, thankfully, as proven by The Price is Right (of all places), which shocked the Plinko chips out of everyone by bringing Bob Barker back for a surprise visit. Check it out!

Game show audiences are a boisterous group even on the worst of days, but this crowd’s reaction was positively electric after Bob Barker once again walked through the doors and stepped onto the Price is Right stage, this time as part of a good-hearted joke from the show’s producers. This completely unexpected visit from one of TV’s most iconic game show hosts roused screams from the audience that might have fooled someone into thinking One Direction had gotten four flat tires outside of an all girls middle school. If there was ever any doubt that people love Barker, this puts a nail in it.

Even better is that Barker wasn’t just there to win applause and move on. He actually went through all the motions of the first game, getting a big hug from Mary, the first winning bidder. I never thought I’d again get to hear Barker say “actual retail price” in my lifetime. He guides Mary through Lucky Seven, and while he’s no spring chicken, it’s almost impossible to tell that he’s been out of the hosting game for close to eight years. The jokes came fast and easy, and he was just as genial as ever.

Following that, current host Drew Carey came out and took over again, although Barker did make another appearance later on. Based on this, I’d have no problem with two hosts on The Price is Right in the future. You can check out the whole episode on CBS’ website here.

the price is right

How is it that the world has been lucky enough to get two 2015 Bob Barker pop culture moments in just one month’s time. For Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars event last month, he reteamed with Adam Sandler for a delightful callback to their feud in Happy Gilmore. Relive that magic below.

Thankfully, Jeopardy! didn’t follow this line of humor by having the ghost of Art Fleming come in to take over for Alex Trebek. But maybe next year…

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