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The Super Bowl may only last for a few hours on one day per year, but coverage for the event begins days and days ahead of time. With only so much sports commentary that can be done about the two teams, it’s to be expected that the halftime entertainment gets some attention as well. Coldplay is headlining this year’s halftime act, and lead singer Chris Martin stepped in front of the cameras to say a few words. Unfortunately for network censors, however, not all of those words were family friendly. Check it out!

There’s nothing like a live blooper to spice up news coverage. Luckily for those of us who haven’t been glued to every bit of coverage for Super Bowl 50, Martin’s particular choice of word has been immortalized on the Twitter feed of Ryan Williams. Ah, social media.

It was something of a surprise that Coldplay was the act that has been fortunate enough to be given the chance to play the Super Bowl halftime show. Considering that not all of the viewing audience uses the halftime show as the opportunity to take a bathroom and/or snack break, millions and millions of viewers will see them take the stage. Coldplay is not exactly known for their theatricality or the unpredictable antics that have been traditional in recent years for halftime shows, but Chris Martin’s F-bomb may be a sign that Coldplay will be branching out a bit for the Super Bowl. There will presumably be no dancing sharks that were so memorable from last year’s explosive Katy Perry performance.

Of course, we don’t need to rely just on Chris Martin letting loose a few F-bombs during his time on stage during the halftime show for some extra excitement. Coldplay will be joined by another artist who happens to be quite well known for bringing spectacle along with killer vocals: Beyonce.

Beyonce is no stranger to the Super Bowl, having starred in the halftime show with great success back in 2013. Her recent collaboration with Coldplay on their song “Hymn For The Weekend” makes her a logical addition, and her presence on stage will make her an awesome addition. No F-bombs will likely be necessary for the halftime show to make headlines.

Not all live bloopers are quite as funny as Chris Martin’s F-bomb slip in the pre-Super Bowl coverage. I’m guessing that the reporter who was hit by a car and the news correspondent who was stabbed on live television would have loved to instead make it onto a compilation of not-for-network language.

We’ll have to tune in to the Super Bowl on Sunday to see if Chris Martin and Coldplay get into any more shenanigans on live television.