Watch The Daily Show's Samantha Bee Win Television In An Ode To The Five

Samantha Bee has always been a comedic dynamo when it comes to her reporting and varied contributions on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but Tuesday night the esteemed comedian took it to a whole ‘nother level with her staggering commitment and subsequent hilarity played out in an incredible performance art piece regarding the roundtable antics of Fox News’ afternoon news program, The Five. Trust us when we say you’re not going to want to miss this moment of pure Comedy Central zen.

We won’t spoil any of the bit’s brilliance by describing what happens here — outside of some very unsavory strawberry doings and a lot of emotional movement — but it is guaranteed to, if not make you laugh, at least reconsider your stance on Fox News as a source of entertainment and unrequited love like you’ve never seen before. And the whole thing is very, very entertaining in a way that only the “fair and balanced” folks over at Fox News can achieve. After all, where else would the pundits be “riding the bone train to PoundTown,” right?

But the real star of this whole thing is Samantha Bee’s killer — and we mean really, really killer — commitment to the whole performance art schtick. Were she to have been even a millimeter under-delivering, the whole thing would’ve come across as painful and awkward, or even worse, considered a stretch. But no, Bee — just like those star-crossed lovers Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld — holds nothing back, and it makes this romantic fantasy flight one for the ages. Which is why we’re obviously beyond thankful that we live in a world wherein Bee (and her myriad of talents) exists.

Of course Bee has also produced a myriad of other brilliant segments for the series, so we’ve decided to school you on the ways of the Bee, so that you, too, may become a member of the BeeHive (a thing I just made up right now to compete with Beyoncé’s harem of fans in the BeyHive). Our favorite segment of hers, in addition to a round-up of her best work, are included below:

Ah, Bee: never change. We do have one request for the future, though: Can we get fellow correspondent Jessica Williams involved in one of these bits alongside Bee? The ensuing hilarity created by the two women would be an epic endeavor of the so-clever-it’s-face-melting variety.