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Controversy was expected whenever Saturday Night Live tapped presidential candidate Donald Trump as an upcoming host, and there have definitely been protests and general outrage over this second hosting gig happening at this point in his political journey. And The Donald has no problem living up to everyone’s expectations, as he slings some verbal mud at fellow candidate Ben Carson in a promo clip that apparently wasn’t supposed to be released. Check it out below, followed by the batch of network-sanctioned promos.

Apparently, NBC accidentally posted the wrong video of promos online, and there were a few on there that the network wasn’t going to air. As you can imagine, they probably weren’t fully on board with Trump bashing a political rival, even though that’s part of his schtick. They were already dealing with people crying out about how the sketch show wasn’t promoting partisan equality by only letting one party’s candidate get the hosting job. There was no need to throw more fuel on the fire by seemingly backing the opinion that Ben Carson is a loser. Until they threw fuel on the fire anyway.

According to CNN, Carson got wind of this clip and wasn’t exactly enthused, although he kept his cool.
I discovered when I was in grade school that those tactics really are for grade school. And I’ve gone far beyond that now.

Oddly enough, Saturday Night Live was funnier to me when I was in grade school, and Trump first appeared on SNL as an audience member in the 15th anniversary special in 1989, when I was in grade school. It all comes back to grade school. Someone figure out of that’s a code for something.

A group of prominent Hispanic citizens were all ready to put on a Dump Trump Rally to try and convince Lorne Michaels and other Saturday Night Live personnel to not allow Trump to host this weekend. Their petition had almost 500,000 signatures on it, but it didn’t do much good, considering Trump is already promoting the episode. Usually when a headline-maker takes the Saturday Night Live stage, there’s the understanding that things will go relatively calmly and smoothly. But this is Trump we’re talking about, and he has a reputation to uphold. At least we already know he won’t be impersonating Jeb Bush.

As far as the rest of the promos go, things were pretty bland. A couple of “Uuuuuge” jokes and a less direct jab at the FCC for the 4-second rule. I expect more outrageous stuff from the episode. So will Donald Trump be one of the best or one of the worst hosts in Saturday Night Live’s long history? Find out when it airs on Saturday, November 7.