Both Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad fans are waiting impatiently for new episodes, but Stephen Colbert has come to the rescue of both with a hilarious mash-up of the two shows on Thursday. Starring the men of Downton, the clip has Lord Grantham turning into a drug kingpin with the assistance of the trusty Carson and the less trustworthy Thomas.

The clip, titled "Breaking Abbey" is Colbert’s offering to his Nation who, unlike First Lady Michelle Obama, don’t have special access to an early copy of the new season of Downton. The genteel men of the Abbey have been forced to cook up a batch of the “Earl Blue” and sell it on the streets to keep the village “tea tweekers” in their cups. The three cook up a batch while Lord Grantham declares that “soon Downton will be kicking it with mad bitches and Benjamins”, and then meet up with their buyer in the desert, calling cards and all. But it turns out someone has turned on Lord Grantham and sold his recipe – and heads will roll. Or rather, caps will be popped.

Downton Abbey’s third season hits the air stateside on January 6th, while Breaking Bad will wrap up its final season this summer. In the meantime, enjoy Colbert’s little gift to fans everywhere, and remember, “as Lord Byron once said, mo’ money, mo’ quandaries.”

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