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Watch The Entire Simpsons Cast As Muppets

Back in late September Fox spilled the beans that they'd be parodying Katy Perry's controversial, edited-from-broadcast appearance on Sesame Street by giving her a guest spot on The Simpsons. Instead of animating her like most other guest stars on the show, thug, Perry herself would be appearing alongside the rest of the Simpsons cast in puppet form. Yes, they turned Homer Simpson into a Muppet. And believe it or not, they kind of pulled it off.

The Christmas-themed episode aired last night, and at the end the entire Simpsons family, plus Moe and Mr. Burns, morphed into Muppet form and tried to take off for a Hawaii vacation. Unfortunately Moe the housesitter brought over his trollop of a date a little early, allowing Perry in a skintight red dress to enter the scene. It actually ends kind of sweetly, with the whole bunch singing the "unabridged '39 Days of Christmas' song" that Mr. Burns requests. Check it all out below, and don't look too closely at Muppet Lisa, because it gets a little spooky after a while.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend