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Networks and subscription cable stations alike have begun to allow potential viewers to watch episodes of new shows early. Staying on trend, Starz has released not one but two brand new episodes of its new series Survivor’s Remorse. The LeBron James-produced series about an up-and-coming basketball player navigating the waters of fame is a quick, easy comedy with dramatic overtones. Check out the first two episodes, below.

When we first meet basketball breakout Cam Calloway (Jessie Usher), he’s recently signed on with Atlanta, bringing an entourage made up of members of his family to start his new life, including his mother, Cassie (Tichina Arnold), his uncle, Julius (Mike Epps), his sister, M-Chuck (Erica Ash) and his cousin, Reggie (RonReaco Lee). Early in the first episode, a series of unfortunate events leads a few of Cam’s former friends to acquire some personal belongings from his childhood that don’t show him in the best light. The main set-up is a little basic, but it does go a long way to introduce us to the Cam of the past, the Cam of the present and all of the work the young man put in to get himself out of the hood.

Arnold takes more of a spotlight in the second episode, which starts at a fancy ball for the governor. Cam’s mom gets her 15 seconds of fame on the red carpet and goes on a rant about how she whooped her son when he was younger. This brings hitting children into the spotlight and causes a PR nightmare for Cam and his team.

Episodes of Survivor’s Remorse run around 30 minutes, like the average subscription cable comedy, but Starz’s latest offering gets into serious territory almost as often as it jokes. If I had to compare the show to anything we’ve seen before it would be HBO’s Entourage, with a couple of big differences. The sports world is much more straightforward than the catty machinations of the entertainment world. And the Survivor’s Remorse cast is a lot more diversified, gender and age-wise, than the Entourage bros.

In the first two episodes, the cast is likeable and the show is extremely watchable. However, the shenanigans Cam and the gang get into aren’t over-the-top or particularly compelling. I can see why people might watch the episodes Starz has made available before the premiere. Now, if Starz is hoping releasing a couple of Survivor’s Remorse episodes will garner new subscribers, I’m a little more skeptical.

Starz’s Survivor’s Remorse officially hits the schedule on Saturday, October 4 at 9 p.m. EST. You can check out the rest of our fall premiere schedule, here.

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