Watch The Flash And Arrow Get Their Own Version Of Fight Club

Fans waiting anxiously for the upcoming spinoff series for Arrow and The Flash still have quite a ways to go before the all-star chaos erupts. Luckily, The CW decided to advertise the final episodes of their superhero series’ respective seasons by putting together a Fight Club and pro wrestling-inspired promo. It’s everything we want from the spinoff. Check it out, and remember the rules.

There is one very disappointing thing about this video, and it’s that they used the “cage match” angle for it, which means we’ll probably never see anything like this happen in any actual episodes. Now, I doubt Greg Berlanti would ever put something so goofy into either Arrow or The Flash (or the spinoff), because there’s not a lot of plot needed for a full-length melee. But I’ll be damned if it wouldn’t be one of the greatest episodes of TV ever.

To the sounds of King Tuff’s “Madness,” Arrow and Flash enter the arena, where they immediately watch Black Canary and Arsenal taking on Merlyn’s Dark Archer. It’s a pretty solid fight that the good guys just can’t do well in. That cheap last-second stunner from Black Canary doesn’t count, either.

Then we get Archer squaring off against Ra’s Al Ghul. It takes Arrow a little too long to realize that his arrows are useless, and it’s when they get face-to-face that the action gets great. Ra’s getting decked in the face isn’t Daredevil-worthy or anything, but it’s still a great shot.


The Flash gets his turn next, although I’m calling bullshit on anyone still hanging onto the cage as Captain Cold and Heat Wave fire their weapons all willy nilly as Flash dashes around. That fight doesn’t even happen, really, as Reverse-Flash interferes before anything can happen. This is the best brawl of them all, and I could spend ages watching these guys running around and fast-punching each other into oblivion.

The best two moments are saved for the end, though. One involves Firestorm dropping in and making Heat Wave lose his shit.


And then, after all the bad guys have vacated the premises, Atom comes crashing down, which means someone is going to have to stay behind to clean up all of that rubble. I can’t wait to see him getting more screentime as things go on.

The Flash returns to The CW for new episodes on Tuesday, April 14, while Arrow will be back on Wednesday, April 15.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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