Watch Atom Figure Out His Superhero Name In This Flash Clip

We’ve known for a while that Arrow’s Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer would be headed to the set of the CW’s other hit comic book series The Flash, but this weekend the network revealed that Cisco and the gang will have an influence on Ray’s eventual superhero name. Catch the revealing clip, below.

All Star Team Up ClipWelcome to S.T.A.R. Labs Mr. Palmer. #TheFlash is all new in just 4 Days!Posted by The Flash on Friday, April 10, 2015

Anyone who has watched The Flash should know that Cisco really enjoys giving characters their nicknames. He’s not super jazzed about “The Atom” when Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer brings up the name he’d tentatively like to use as a superhero, likely because he didn’t get to have any input. However, Dr. Wells embraces the name, telling Ray the Atom suit is an achievement. It’s a rare compliment, and one that looks to cement the name for the Arrow character.

This isn’t the first footage we’ve seen of the big Flash and Atom team up. The “All-Star Team Up” episode trailer has given us more footage of Palmer and Smoak joining the team in Central City. In the commercial version, Barry reveals to Felicity all of the information he’s been hording and the sentiments he’s been harboring against Wells. The tension is palpable in the clip, as well; at one point, Wells is complimenting the Atom and Barry cuts him short, arguing they need to catch the villain of the week.

If you want to see how else things are heating up, you can catch the full preview, below.

The episode is coming just a few weeks after we learned the CW has a third superhero series in the works, and this one will be a spinoff following Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh and several other actors who have already appeared in the DC TV universe on the network. The currently untitled spinoff is already casting, and plans indicate that the series will be connected to both Arrow and The Flash. For now, though, I’ll take the mini crossover. Catch Ray Palmer in action alongside Barry Allen this Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET, only on the CW.

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