The Flash Will Add These Two Villains In Season 2

Throughout Season 1, The Flash has done a remarkable job of introducing many of the Scarlet Speedster’s adversaries, from Captain Cold and Heat Wave to Reverse-Flash and even Gorilla Grodd! That’s not surprising, considering that Flash has one of most diverse rogues gallery in comic book history, which means we’ll be seeing a lot more villainous faces introduced next season. In fact, the showrunners already have two names in mind to pit Flash up against next year: Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy.

At The Flash panel this weekend at WonderCon, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg mentioned that Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy will likely be among the many villains that will be introduced during Season 2. Here's how Kreisberg put it, according to Comic Book Resources.

I think we definitely want to meet the Mirror Master next year. I’m sure Dr. Alchemy will show up at some point. And we've got one thing that hopefully people will lose their minds over.

Let's get into their stories one at a time.


In the comics, there have been two Mirror Masters. The first, Sam Scudder, was introduced in 1959 as a convict who first used illusion technology to fight Flash, but later found ways to harness the powers of mirrors themselves in fantastic ways, such as trapping people in them or using them as portals to travel from one location to another. After Scudder died in Crisis on Infinite Earths (although he has since been revived for the New 52), his supervillain identity and weapons were taken by mercenary Evan McCullough. Mirror Master has appeared in animated projects like Justice League Unlimited and Justice League: Doom, and was also portrayed by David Cassidy in an episode of the 1990 Flash series. Since The Flash recently introduced both the James Jesse and Axel Walker Tricksters, don’t be surprised if both versions of Mirror Master appear on the show as well.


Doctor Alchemy was introduced in 1958 under as Albert Desmond, the Central City Police Department’s forensics lab director who suffered from a split personality. When his darker side took over, he used his knowledge of chemicals to become Mister Element. After tangling with Flash a couple times, he discovered the Philosopher’s Stone, which allowed him to transmute any element. With his new artifact, he relabeled himself as Doctor Alchemy. This will be Doctor Alchemy’s first appearance outside of comic books, excluding a brief cameo in Justice League Unlimited.

Both villains have been members of The Rogues at one point, so once they’ve established themselves as threats by themselves on The Flash, it’s not unreasonable to assume Captain Cold will try to recruit them into his gang of criminals. As for that thing that we’ll “lose out minds over,” it’s too soon to even begin speculating what that might be, but if you have your own thoughts, let us know in the comments below.

The Flash returns with new episodes on April 14 at 8/7c on The CW.

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