It's amazing what a little bit of editing and the right music can do to change the tone of a show. Ever wonder what Game of Thrones might look like as a CW show? What about Breaking Bad if it were on Lifetime? Probably not... for either, but the creative minds at EW imagined up both scenarios for some soapy looking trailers for both series.

First up, Entertainment Weekly shared their re-imagining of Breaking Bad, which hypothetically airs on Lifetime and appears to have eliminated the meth side of the story completely in favor of focusing on Skylar's indiscretions and Walt's relationship with Jesse.

If you need to wash the image of that estrogen saturated take on Breaking Bad from your mind, you may consider revisiting the fan-made trailer that turns the AMC drama into a sitcom.

EW also took a crack at re-imagining Game of Thrones as a CW series. This one manages to twist some familiar lines into sexual innuendos for the sake of shipping characters, some less likely than the others.

Jon Snow and Ygritte? Ok, I'm sure many of us want to see that happen. And maybe an argument can be made for Jorah and Daenerys. But Varys and Tyrion? I'm not so sure about that one. And yet, they did seem to find enough moments between the two characters to allow us to envision it, if not consider it. I'm entirely sure, you're entirely sure what they're suggesting.

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