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Watch: New Girl's Schmidt Describes His Elaborate Bedroom Technique With A Diagram

Well written sitcoms know how to approach the subject of sex with humor and subtly, some less subtle than others. One of the more memorable moments from Friends was the scene where Monica breaks down women's seven erogenous zones and then proceeds to explain foreplay by numbers. New Girl had a moment reminiscent of that one during this week's episode as Schmidt used a diagram of a woman's reproductive organs and some veiled terms to describe his technique when pleasuring a woman. It may be one of his best moments in the series to date.

The set-up for the scene was that Schmidt went to visit Jess' lesbian gynecologist's office to get some advice on female anatomy since he's having trouble pleasuring his current partner (played by Carla Gugino). This leads him to explain what he does to give a woman pleasure. Warning, it's quite imaginative. There are Oscars and volleyballs and trolls involved. It's kind of amazing.

"I'll go outside, get the paper, and shake the neighbor's hand."

Maybe if he manages to win a Golden Globe or an Emmy for his role, Max Greenfield can get on stage and collect his award and say "thank you to the people, thank you to the people" and then get back off stage and get everyone into the sharing circle, "right down there in the sharing circle" and then spike the volleyball! Then he'll arrive at the bridge and meet the troll and answer his riddles three… Wait, what exactly are we talking about here?

And for those of you who want to revisit Monica's great "Seven!" moment on Friends, you can watch that here.