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I can’t be the only one going through deep Breaking Bad withdrawal. Only two weeks have passed since Vince Gilligan wrapped his brilliant series with the resolute finale, “Felina.” And each Sunday since has felt a little more empty than the next. Sure, there’s the NFL, and conversation with family members. But they don’t stack up to the last installment in Walter White’s descent, do they?

The above video hammered home my melancholy. It is the best retrospective Breaking Bad montage that I’ve seen so far … and there have been plenty of them. The choice of Ecstasy of Gold is ideal, though I wish YouTube user narvinek had gone with Ennio Morricone’s classic version over this techno remix, though the drum beats allow him to emphasize certain moments in the montage, so it works from that angle.

What’s interesting is that this final version isn’t the user's first pass as honoring Breaking Bad. This excellent montage hailed the show up to and including Season 5A:

Meanwhile, he also has created shareable tributes videos for Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

The X-Files:

The Wire, and more:

That last one really should have figured out some way to incorporate “Way Down In the Hole,” which the fantastic HBO show used every season in its opening credits:

But back to Breaking Bad. Have you guys seen better tribute videos? If so, share the links in the comments section below. We’re all jonesing for more Breaking Bad now that its has left our lives. But we’re looking for quality among all the quantity out there. Have you seen it?

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