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Jamie Dornan is busy promoting the big box office endeavor Fifty Shades of Grey, and last night he popped up on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show to talk about the movie he stars in. While there, he played one of Fallon’s signature games, “Fifty Accents Of Grey.” Check out the sketch, below.

The sketch is sort-of similar to “Wheel of Musical Impressions” in that there is a device that generates impressions. However, in this game, Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Dornan take turns hitting a button, which generates an accent that they have to use for the round. After one man is given an accent to attempt, they then have to read a quote from E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Of Grey book in that accent. Jamie Dornan is tasked with doing a Scottish accent, first, and he absolutely crushes the over-the-top book sentence he is given, which you can take a look at.


Later, Fallon attempts a decent Russian accent while Dornan has some trouble with French. Then, things get pretty weird as Fallon attempts a “cowboy” accent. Nobody is going to call him for a Hell on Wheels audition anytime soon.


Games have always been an easy way for Fallon to get his Tonight Show guests loosened up onstage, and when you have a lead appearing on your show who is headlining a popular—and potentially controversial---movie about bondage, discipline and other intense sexual acts, you probably want to make sure he’s comfortable before probing into the movie. In fact, the two men discussed how tricky it is to talk about the movie without making overt sexual references during the same Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episode. Case in point: I just inadvertently used the term probing, so it can't be that hard for Fifty Shades of Grey conversations to get out of hand.

Jimmy Fallon’s been kicking ass recently on the late night circuit. The man recently spent a week in Los Angeles, and brought us a slew of incredible segments, including The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air spoof “The Fresh Prince of Tonight” and the Saved By The Bell segment devoted to a return to Bayside High. It's no surprise the Jamie Dornan appearance is also a win.

Jamie Dornan’s appearance might not have featured the same level of throwback greatness, but fans of Fifty Shades of Grey should certainly be pleased about the fun and referential game the two played.

NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET.

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