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In the modern age of seemingly constant updates to the newer, faster, better thing in technology, the announcement of the latest iPhone is always at least interesting. The previous model inevitably hadn’t had time to grow tiresome yet; what could Apple have done to render their own products obsolete this time? Well, Jimmy Kimmel on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to have some fun with eager citizens in traditional Kimmel fashion and sent a camera crew down to the streets to gather opinions from the public on the new iPhone 6s. Or so they thought.

On one level, it’s almost difficult to laugh at the poor souls on the street who have been hoodwinked into believing that the original iPhone is, in fact, the latest model. They’re so earnest in their evaluations of the new tech that the urge to pat them on the back and advise them about not answering questions on camera is pretty strong. Of course, nothing is actually crueler than Kimmel's encouragement of parents to capture their kids on video after claiming to have eaten their Halloween candy. That's just mean.

On every other level, however, Kimmel’s latest street prank is pretty darn funny. The gentle lampooning of the constant mainstream need for the next thing teases without mocking overly harshly, and it’s a reflection on Apple that the folks interviewed were able to find so many improvements on the more compact original than the nearly weightless new models.

Sometimes, people just want a phone that doesn’t feel so dainty that it will shatter into a million pieces if there’s too much force when it hits the floor or the counter or, well, a slightly stiff pillow. Besides, the original iPhone in 2007 at least has the advantage over the iPhone 6 Plus in that there were no reports of screens actually bending.

Oh, Apple.

Now, to give some credit to the ladies featured in the video, iPhones have been getting bigger and bigger since their introduction in 2007. The pockets on women’s clothing just haven’t yet been modernized to fit the size of the mini tablet that is the iPhone 6 Plus or even the slightly smaller iPhone 6. Between the options of allowing the iPhone to stick halfway out of a pair of lowrise pants or slip to the bottom of a purse to mingle with the handful of pennies and crumpled receipts, a smaller iPhone has appeal. Until the inevitable collaboration between Apple and major clothing brands, the ladies may be easier to bamboozle when it comes to the iPhone. We cannot help but dream a dream of a better day until the invention of the Mary Poppins pocket hits the market.

The guys had points, as well. The smaller size of the original iPhone did mean that it was somewhat easier to handle so long as fingers had the dexterity for the early touchscreen. Overall, the Kimmel iPhone prank was harmless and funny and well-worth the three minutes to watch. It even looks great on an iPhone.